She’s a 50 something wife, empty nester, and first-time grandma. She has a passion for all things positive and living life her way. She resides in St George UT. Her husband is a retired pilot and they have a passion for the outdoors. They enjoy hiking and biking year round.
Bonnie travels south often to visit her grown children and family. She has been an entrepreneur for 25 years and her e-commerce business, Live Your Best Life allows her time and financial freedom.


What does she do?

Simply put, she helps people find their happy. 

There is a way to live abundantly, life doesn't have to be hard.

Are you a stay at home parent that’s looking to contribute to your family finances?

Are you successfully discontent in your career?

Do you want to put your family first and increase your earning potential?

Are you retired or would like to retire early and be paid for your talent and skills?

Are open to exploring your options?